You like to support us?

At the moment we are not 100% sure what content we will finally produce. If we have time and passion to show videos we will do, but for the moment we definately will share at least our images and stories on facebook, instagram and other channels.

We want to be free and spent time with our son Henry. Therefore we completely omit any sponsorship and just rely on our savings.

If we can inspire others to live their dreams it is motivating us to continue. So please leave us at least a message, get in contact with us and share your thoughts about our journey and what your dreams are.

Surely we would also be very happy if you wish to support us financially a bit and buy us a beer, dinner or some more time together. 😉


It is surely all up to you and we promise that our images and blog will be free forever. 🙂

Thank you very much for all the supportive messages we got already! We hope there are much more to come....